Academic Writing Services – Problem or Solution?

Academic Writing – An Overview

Academic writing is considered one of the most important forms of writing in today’s world especially for the college community. For most people, academic writing is more about practice than talent. Academic writing generally refers to any piece of writing that follows a certain academic standard and format and is used for scholarly purposes. Academic writing is highly utilized and a widely taught skill throughout the world especially among college students. People who pursue a liberal arts education are all too familiar with writing long essays, critiques, papers, etc. every week for almost every course they take.

Academic Writing – Where the Problem Begins

Up till now, academic writing seems like an easy task that can be taught in classrooms easily and to an extent it is an easy task in that it can be taught but difficult in that it needs a certain amount of practice. The problem arises when students receive so much work that they humanly cannot cope with it in terms of submitting on deadlines and submitting good quality, well researched work. Because academics has become such a competitive field these days, everybody wants to stay at the top of the game and nobody can afford to lose a grade since the job market they have to enter is also very competitive. All of this puts students in a very stressful state of mind where eventually alternate ways have to be tried.

This not only applies to undergraduates but also to students who are writing dissertations. Many a times, supervisors and departments are not able to provide their students with the right kind of support, advice and critique. Most students working on their dissertations need to have their ideas run through a few times, polished and critiqued so that things become clearer for them as well. Most of all, students need psychological support from advisors in order to make progress in their work. Again, students get caught in the loop where a lot of academic writing is expected of them but no clarity is given.

Writing Services – The Logical Solution?

When we talk about alternate ways, we consider the very much present reality of academic writing services being provided by thousands of writing companies and freelancers throughout the world, although more prevalent in societies with emphasis on college education. These writing companies are mostly used by students studying in top notch universities who cannot afford to fall behind in any course and are buried under impossible amounts of course work for almost every course they undertake. These writing companies ensure that no academic integrity laws will be breached; the work is always 100 per cent plagiarism free and original. If you have an outline, they readily accept it and have professional writers at their expense.

Dissertation students utilize the same services but in a different manner. Most of them only need proof reading, advice and coaching which these companies can offer for a fee.

Is It Really Unethical?

The central question to this debate is whether acquiring these services is ethical or not? One of the biggest claims of the academic community is to keep the integrity of any published work intact by quoting the source. Just like any other services industry, is it wrong to acquire services for assignments help?

This is a slippery road and on level, acquiring professional services as long as they maintain the dignity and integrity of the said community, is not wrong but also on another level, work not written by you is not original either. Perhaps colleges can ease up on the course work given to the students and encourage quality instead of quantity.

Learning at College: A Myth or Reality?

College – An Experience

For most students, the highlight of their educational experience usually is their college years. Through the blood and sweat of it all, people claim that college really allows them to express themselves, discover who they really want to be in life, give them opportunities and a platform to what their lives can lead up to. Through this trajectory though, there is an important part that needs to be discussed. Currently, there too many college graduates and not enough jobs or enough quality work being produced. This brings us to an important issue concerning college students.

College – Learning or Stressing?

College can be a very stressful yet, liberating time for everyone. This is a standard response that you will hear from anyone who has been to college. However, now the problem has escalated to a certain extent; it isn’t just stressful, there is an insane amount of pressure on college students to deliver a lot of written work on tight deadlines and complying with these deadlines is the issue. If you are expected to submit around 6,000 words every week the of course the quality of your work will suffer and you will not perform as well as you could under less stressful conditions.

In such a situation, students are not learning as much as ‘coping’ with college. This becomes a problem later in life when we realize how the quality of education has been traded for the quantity of the work being produced. Of course this poses a problem when it comes to building economies and other stable professions as we have raised individuals who will work without thinking or applying any practical learning.

Giving Up or Coping

There are two routes that college students can then take; they either completely give up on studying or they manage to cope with the work and learn to just ‘get by’. In this process we lose many precious minds that could have been cultivated in less stressful situations. In institutions that allow only the most intelligent batches of high school graduates, there is a higher rate of using professional writing services to get their work done at times when the work load is too much.

The Ethical Question

One of the premises on which academic writing stands is the fact that the integrity of any work is protected. This means that before using any other person’s work, you have to reference it properly and you cannot under any circumstances misquote someone. Some institutions take plagiarism so seriously that the consequences can result in expulsion.

Writing services however, do promise work that is plagiarism free but does the academic community accept this condition? Openly, they don’t. But they also don’t provide a solution to the rising problem of students using writing services. Logically, in a situation where you cannot possibly write so much on a daily basis and cope with all the course work and the only requirement of the paper is to pass the plagiarism check, then you are simply buying a service like any other and it does not violate any ethical code. College essay writing has simply become a matter of producing work that can be passed off as original, nothing more.

Do We Have a Solution?

Unless educational institutions themselves don’t come up with a way of tightening the sanctity of the learning experience, there is no stopping college students from ‘cheating’ or more truthfully, ‘coping’ with the stress of it all. In this scenario then there is no way that professional writing services can be called unethical as they are only performing certain trade like any other business.

Writing For College: Do’s, Don’ts and The Help

Academic Writing – The Do’s

Academic writing is tricky business; you have to learn to be precise, clear, engaging and on top of everything, use formal language. It can be difficult to align all these qualities together in one paper but as they say, practice makes perfect. Moreover, it is said that academic writing is more about practice than talent, anyway.

Do Make It Engaging

It can get a bit difficult to make facts and statistics sound interesting without rendering your entire piece non-serious. What you have to work with is make your writing piece present the facts in a way that readers find easy to read and comprehend; instead of accumulating all figures together, try to write in a way that explains what the figures represent.

Do Write Less

With academic writing, one of the major concerns is that students tend to go off on another tangent. Students also believe that using their vocabulary to the best of their abilities can get the point across and they are wrong on both counts. What really matters in writing is to use the correct and contextual vocabulary and avoid being verbose. Too many unnecessary words cause confusion and look inarticulate.

Do Proofread

It is very important to know that grammatical errors look quite bad on academic writings hence, giving your paper a once over is most necessary. In an otherwise perfect paper, grammatical errors act like dark blemishes and ruin the flow of the writing.

Do Make It Powerful & Stylish

There is no reason why academic writing cannot evoke emotion. In order to grab your reader’s attention, begin your work with a real life problem that serves as a basis for your research. Writing formally does not mean necessarily that you only write seriously. You can use words that give readers an insight in to your personality and passion; make it unique and interesting.

The Don’ts

Don’t Write From A to Z

Some writing techniques have been used too much and they no longer serve the purpose they were originally meant to. One of these techniques is writing from beginning to end; avoid this method. Begin with the portions you are familiar with and the rest will follow.

Don’t Avoid Paper

Most of us are too used to using computer screens and keyboards to write however, using paper and pen really helps you gather your thoughts better. Hence, the initial stuff should be written on paper, not on your computer.

Don’t Use Jargon

It can be easy to learn a particular jargon and then use it in your writing. However, the purpose of academic writing is to be clear and comprehensible so before using technical jargon, remember your target audience.

Don’t Create Disconnect

Always try to create a flow between the paragraphs that you write. Don’t write in a way that every paragraph appears to be a separate entity from the other.

Writing Services – We Promise and Deliver

All these points mentioned above can be difficult to keep in mind and abide by while writing. We also understand the workload faced by many college students where writing papers is a daily thing and many times, students cannot cope with the pressure of these requirements. We offer best essays writing service where we ensure that we provide you with top notch, original work that runs clean through any plagiarism check.

The writers we employ are professionals and keep the academic integrity in mind when they work. Many students use these services and we abide truly by all instructions given to us. Contact us today to avail our student offers.

Academic Writing – Tricky Business or Not?

Tackling Academic Writing

Defining academic writing is pretty simple. Any writing that is written for an academic or scholarly purpose is known as academic writing. It strictly follows some rules related to ethical issues, formatting and the use of language. Academic writing is meant to be original and wherever an outside source is used, you must reference or credit the author of that work. Most institutions follow some rules about academic writing known as formatting which vary from institution to institution.

There are certain rules attached to this kind of writing. Some of them include being precise, clear and concise. This means that your writing must directly address the issue stated, your views on it using language that is easily comprehensible and using as little words as possible. It is important to keep your readers engaged hence whatever topic you discuss, relate it to real world problems and examples. Also, it is important to keep the academic integrity of your work intact.

There are certain things that you must not do while writing academically. Avoid using terms that are different for the layman to understand. You must also begin mapping out the work on paper first before you decide to type it out, as it brings clarity. It is always useful to have initial and final drafts and ample time to work, as this also brings clarity in thought, ideas and consequently polishes your work to a good extent. Make sure that the work you write is connected within paragraphs and isn’t too disconnected.

Polishing Ideas

It can be very nerve wracking and anxiety inducing for college students to submit their dissertations. This is one of the major suggestions to students working on dissertations; start working quite early. When you work early, you have more time to gather your themes and ideas. Also it is likely that you will work on multiple drafts of your dissertation. Hence, if you manage to submit earlier, you can get a review from your supervisor and have a shot at improving what you have already done.

Coaching & Editing

There are many professors and academic scholars who offer coaching and editing services. These coaches focus on making your ideas and writing better by not only technically analysing them but also analysing the flow behind the ideas, hence, improving the academic quality of your paper or dissertation. Such professionals understand that students face a lot of nervousness and stress about submitting their dissertations hence, showing it to a coach first helps them gain clarity and confidence.

These professionals recognize that sometimes supervisors and departments are not able to give the right kind of moral support, professional support, advice, encouragement and motivation that students need to head in the right direction and will help them grow in their scholarly pursuits. Hence, these professionals exist in an isolated, objective sense to help students.

Are Writing Companies Providing These Services?

Yes, there are many writing companies that offer academic editing, proofreading and coaching. The aim of such companies to ensure that students can get the right kind of advice where needed and the psychological boost that is otherwise lacking with their professors. Academic proofreading and editing is pretty ethical in terms of integrity and academic quality.

Writing companies hire top notch writers and editors that not only look at your work in a strictly technical and grammatically correct sense but also aim to improve your ideas by adding more flow to them. Although many students fear the ethical repercussions of engaging in such services, but editing only provides clarity to students who are confused and a bit of a tweak where needed.

Dissertations: Top Five Game Changing Tips

Dissertations – What & Why

Dissertations are academic writings that are written by final year students of undergraduate degrees, post graduate degrees and doctorate degrees. They reflect the student’s main focus of independent work and research and record findings on a particular theme or focus. There is a central idea to every dissertation and the author’s job is to focus on a particular direction regarding this idea. You can either reject or negate the idea and you need to have research findings to support your claim. The purpose of dissertations is to help students initially figure out an area of interest and research and how to explore it. It can also help later in publications in the academic world.

Dissertation- The How

There are two major ways to go about writing a dissertation; one of them is the common, more preferred way of writing and the other one is the unusual way. The first way of writing is writing your dissertation in a book format, with different topics covered in different chapters. This is one big piece of writing and requires using a lot of effort. The chapters include topics such as Introduction, Abstract, Research, Methodology, Literature Review, etc. The number and quality of these chapters vary according to the research question posed by the author.

The second way to write a dissertation is to do in parts, by writing each chapter as a journal article and getting it published in the respective journal. The good thing about this method is that you simultaneously get done with your thesis and have it published, too. This is a rather unusual way of writing a dissertation and not commonly adhered to. Opting for this kind of structure should be done with the advice of your supervisor.

Tip 1 – Practice Makes Perfect

The key thing that contributes to the perfect thesis is practice. Academic writing is not creative writing hence, talent is secondary to it. What helps in bettering academic writing is practice and you should start early on to gain more of it.

Tip 2 – Note It Down

As you keep thinking of ideas and how to present them, it is best to note them down. Whatever steps you do end up taking, write them down somewhere. This will help in structuring your dissertation when you finally begin it.

Tip 3 – Early Bird Catches the Worm

A very likely possibility in writing your dissertation is that you will need to work through a few drafts before you get to the actual final version. This is why you should start writing early and send in your initial drafts for revision. This will not only help you improve your writing but will also help you gain your supervisor’s perspective.

Tip 4 – Staying Motivated

Once you are done with your initial draft, your mind is much more likely to stay motivated to get to the final draft.

Tip 5 – Thinking Ahead

This is one of the most important thesis writing tips; one of the reasons why we recommend starting early on your dissertation is that as you go along, you learn many things and your ideas evolve. The more you research, the more you think and the more room there is for improvement. Hence, starting early allows that window of improvement.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race – Not Necessarily True

One of the oldest proverbs states the age old story of the turtle and the rabbit competing in a race. The moral of the story is that slow and steady wins the race. We believe that you shouldn’t necessarily be slow; instead proactive and steady wins the thesis race.

Writing Services Industry: Battling With Ethics & Integrity

Most of us are only too familiar with writing companies these days that offer their services to college students and business executives. They offer to write papers, dissertations, articles, assignments and ensure that the work will be 100 percent original and plagiarism free. In the scholarly world, plagiarism is as good a sin as murder and the repercussions are as extreme as expulsion from the institution. The question arises when we ask is this industry to be treated like any other trading or business industry or do we call it out on its ethical issues? The issue itself is very sensitive and both sides present convincing arguments.

Who Uses Academic Writing Services?

Other than students who cannot cope with the pressure of their college workload, there are professional business executives who hire writing services or ‘ghost-writers’ to write for them journal articles and such things. It is a common misconception that only foreign students or part time students use academic writing companies to buy original assignments; regular students use these services just as much and this is because of the extra pressure there is on them to pass all courses. Written assignments are the crux of almost every degree now and most professors expect at least 6 page essays from the entire class every week.

If everybody uses these services just like any other service they would pay for, how does writing fall under the illegal category? Most professors argue that this is because using any other person’s work, be it original or not, is unethical. The dilemma here of course, is dealing with the coursework on time. How can professors expect top quality work if they assign their students too much work to deal with?

Who is Their Top Clientele?

Writing companies have gone on record any times and given us more insight in to who uses their services and what the trends are. According to them, foreign students and local students both use writing services to buy essays because expression in English isn’t the only problem; the increasing course load is another problem that students are finding difficult to deal with. Again, not surprisingly and also surprisingly so, most of their clientele includes students from prestigious institutions who have an insane amount of work to complete on a daily basis. The competition is such that no one can afford a bad grade and hence they indulge in buying these services.

What Do Ethics Dictate?

This is a slippery slope as most of us cannot pass a clear cut judgment on whether purchasing these services is entirely ethical or not. While professors have admitted to using anti-plagiarism tools to detect what essays are not original, this does not mean that writing companies provide plagiarized essays. This is why writing companies are so popular in this day and age. Getting professional academic writing services means that you explain your topic and preference and sometimes even provide an outline for the kind of work you want. In a manner, it is not unethical since the work is original but it is not written by you, which makes it a difficult topic to pursue.

The Solution

Perhaps college professors and institutions need to look at this matter differently. Ethically, if the work does not violate any plagiarism code then it isn’t unethical or problematic. But professors claim that any work not written by the student can be considered illegal. Nothing will stop college students from cheating especially with the kind of work load they face. Instead of passing strict laws, maybe institutes could reconsider their workload and instead of promoting assignment writing, they could focus on engaging students creatively.

Academic Writing: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

What is Academic Writing?

Academic writing refers to any piece of text that is used for academic or scholarly purposes. These texts can include everything from dissertations to research papers to regular college assignments. Academic writing is a specific form of writing that usually abides by a format (according to what the institute follows e.g. APA/MLA), uses formal language, is specific, makes references and quotes them clearly and is used in a scholarly setting. Academic writing has become even more important today as an average college student receives a substantial amount of papers to finish every week. According to some critics, the quality of academic writing has gone down in that making it too verbose and difficult to read.

How Does It Help?

There are many purposes that are served by academic writing. Moreover, it also serves to quite a few advantages especially for individuals who are looking to advance in the fields of research and academics. Most of all, academic writing is a skill taught to college students for them to express independent ideas by reading other pieces of work in a way that is formal and can be understood by the scholarly community. It is an essential skill to learn; as important as learning to how write applications and reports. Career-wise it is a great help if an individual wants to further his endeavours in the research community or if someone wishes to enter the academic community professionally.

Writing For College Students – Learning Experience or a Hassle?

One of the biggest debates associated with academic writing these days is that colleges are producing dissertations, thought papers, research papers, response papers, assignments, etc. all by thousands. Can we really vouch for the academic ability, articulation and quality of these writings? If a college student is writing at least five papers on average per week, how much can we really expect from him/her in terms of originality and quality? The debate focuses on the fact that colleges now only focus on the quantity of work being produced and consequently, end up compromising on the quality. The pressure of producing so much work and that, too, of good quality gets to many college students and hence, most of them just get by. Hence, instead of being an interactive learning experience, academic writing is becoming more and more disjointed.

Integrity & Ethics

One of the biggest pre-requisites of academic writing is something known as academic integrity. The premise of this is that any work an individual produces must be an original piece of work and if any help is taken, it should be cited properly in the paper. This allows individuals in the academic community to retain the originality of their work and protect their rights as well. Copying someone’s work is considered the most demeaning thing. The question arises when we talk about whether all students have the fair opportunity and time to write the same kind of assignments. Is it really illegal for a working mother and part time college student to get help with assignment writing? From an ethical standing, it really is not as long as the ideas are yours.

The final word

Academic writing is a tough field of study. The grounding fact of academic writing is that the idea should never be copied from somewhere. So as long as you provide a writing company with an outline of what you require your assignment to be it should not be an ethical issue on any count to have it written by someone else.

How to Write a Dissertation

Dissertation- Definition & Importance

There are many forms of academic writing that a typical college student comes across, from response papers to critical analyses to research papers. Perhaps the most terrifying out of all of these forms is the final year written assignment, also known as dissertation or a thesis. A dissertation is a lengthy piece of writing that is to be submitted as your final assignment before graduation and it focuses on an argument in response to a clear thought pattern or a central question. Students are expected to choose the title and area of their research work so a lot of independence is granted and the work is basically done through research and is expected to be written down. A dissertation is unarguably one of the most things in your undergraduate studies.

Steps 1- 4: Writing a Dissertation

Dissertation is a four step process. First, the individual tries to find out his area of interest and the direction that they want to go in. Secondly, the individual carries out the work on his/her own and is generally supervised by a professor or a mentor. Third, in light of the question that you have decided to consider, you gather primary and secondary data, group it and analyse it; research methodology comes in here. At last, you finally bring together all your prior knowledge of theory and practical and apply it to this research, analysing it in a very in-depth form and recording it as your dissertation. You finally reach a conclusion based on your findings. Throughout your dissertation, it is important that you avoid plagiarism and maintain the strictest of ethical standards.

Dissertation: The Structure

Structurally, a dissertation is divided in to chapters that deal with separate parts of the central issue or question. It includes a literature review which a list of all the prior studies that have been conducted in a similar direction and have built a base for you and how you have taken help from them. In these different chapters, you mention the abstract which is a summary of what research is aiming to do. You dedicate chapters to methodology, results and conclusion. Towards the end, you mention your bibliography.

Dissertation: A Menace?

We all know how fast paced and busy our lives are now. There are practically no people these who don’t hold a steady job or two to manage their living, especially once we foray in to the student sector. Research shows that grad school is so expensive that nobody expects an individual these days to completely fund and rightly so. In this busy schedule, if you are a working and studying mom, there is the question of seeking dissertation writing help and the ethical dilemmas that are attached to it. Although academic and ethical integrity are the two most important things that a university can teach us, personal circumstances vary from individual to individual and we cannot hold circumstance against them.

In many circles, if you have decided your line of questioning and research yourself, successfully narrowed down a topic, conducted the research yourself, then there is no harm in seeking help from dissertation writing services; small companies that write your dissertations for you by charging a nominal fee. Since the idea is your own and technically so is the work, there is no ethical blame in having somebody else write it. This is the cause of concern many times. For example, there are many foreign students whose ideas and work are brilliant but the language barrier does not allow them to express or write adequately. Do ethical boundaries also apply on them? Most people will agree that they don’t.

Do I ask for help?

In light of the discussion above, it is safe to say that there are some circumstances that fall under a grey area when it comes to integrity and ethical boundaries. For example, a part-time student, a part-time employee and full-time mother cannot be expected to deal with the pressures of academic writing as strictly as a full-time student. A foreign student, with English not being his first language, is automatically at a disadvantage when it comes to the dissertation. Hence, when the entire class does not stand on equal footing, it is okay to seek dissertation help and let someone express your research for you.

Plagiarism free writing services

Life is getting busier day by day and makes it difficult for one as student to ensure that the work produced by him/her is not only of good quality but at the same time it is a plagiarism free work. Majority of the students are not even aware of the different ways in which they can be caught being charged with submitting a plagiarized paper. First of all, to start with it is very important that one as student/writer must know those different ways that may lead him/her to face the plagiarism issues. Some of them are: not quoting work that is cited in the paper accurately, copy and paste from different internet sources, online and offline books and journals, writing work that is not referenced and gives the impression to the reader that the student is writing based on his/her own assumptions. All these may result in the disqualification of the student from the institution.

The question that may come to one’s mind is that ‘How can I avoid plagiarism in my assignments, dissertation, thesis and essays? Yes, you are right; we can use plagiarism detectors in order to avoid plagiarism from taking place in our writing activities. But is that safe? Yes, when I ask this question from most of my colleagues they are not too sure about the question that I ask and they think that I am a stupid person. But really using plagiarism detectors may get you in trouble.  When I say this I am basically pointing towards the free plagiarism detection softwares and many other essay writing sites that have this facility on their site where they invite you to submit your document and check the plagiarism ratio for free. You will be tempted and will submit your document your result will be showed to you in seconds and the result will be a very small ratio or percentage of plagiarism which definitely will please you. But what actually will be happening is that when you submit your paper to them they make a copy of it and will submit it on their own sites. And in the next few hours when you will be submitting it to your institution they will use ‘Turn it in’ plagiarism detection software which is far much better and the most reliable software. And ‘Turn it in’ will catch your paper saying that it is 100% plagiarized and will point to those sites where your paper has been published by the free plagiarism detection softwares or sites. I guess most of you by now have realized where I am coming from. Therefore keep all the above points in mind when dealing with plagiarism.

Our team of researchers, writers, editors and proofreaders ensure that they are on top of all the above mentioned issues. Besides our work is never plagiarized as we are a custom writing services provider and that too at very low rates. In my next blog I will be focusing more on the issue and the question that takes place in almost everyone’s mind and that is ‘Are rendering academic writing services illegal?’