Academic Writing Services – Problem or Solution?

Academic Writing – An Overview

Academic writing is considered one of the most important forms of writing in today’s world especially for the college community. For most people, academic writing is more about practice than talent. Academic writing generally refers to any piece of writing that follows a certain academic standard and format and is used for scholarly purposes. Academic writing is highly utilized and a widely taught skill throughout the world especially among college students. People who pursue a liberal arts education are all too familiar with writing long essays, critiques, papers, etc. every week for almost every course they take.

Academic Writing – Where the Problem Begins

Up till now, academic writing seems like an easy task that can be taught in classrooms easily and to an extent it is an easy task in that it can be taught but difficult in that it needs a certain amount of practice. The problem arises when students receive so much work that they humanly cannot cope with it in terms of submitting on deadlines and submitting good quality, well researched work. Because academics has become such a competitive field these days, everybody wants to stay at the top of the game and nobody can afford to lose a grade since the job market they have to enter is also very competitive. All of this puts students in a very stressful state of mind where eventually alternate ways have to be tried.

This not only applies to undergraduates but also to students who are writing dissertations. Many a times, supervisors and departments are not able to provide their students with the right kind of support, advice and critique. Most students working on their dissertations need to have their ideas run through a few times, polished and critiqued so that things become clearer for them as well. Most of all, students need psychological support from advisors in order to make progress in their work. Again, students get caught in the loop where a lot of academic writing is expected of them but no clarity is given.

Writing Services – The Logical Solution?

When we talk about alternate ways, we consider the very much present reality of academic writing services being provided by thousands of writing companies and freelancers throughout the world, although more prevalent in societies with emphasis on college education. These writing companies are mostly used by students studying in top notch universities who cannot afford to fall behind in any course and are buried under impossible amounts of course work for almost every course they undertake. These writing companies ensure that no academic integrity laws will be breached; the work is always 100 per cent plagiarism free and original. If you have an outline, they readily accept it and have professional writers at their expense.

Dissertation students utilize the same services but in a different manner. Most of them only need proof reading, advice and coaching which these companies can offer for a fee.

Is It Really Unethical?

The central question to this debate is whether acquiring these services is ethical or not? One of the biggest claims of the academic community is to keep the integrity of any published work intact by quoting the source. Just like any other services industry, is it wrong to acquire services for assignments help?

This is a slippery road and on level, acquiring professional services as long as they maintain the dignity and integrity of the said community, is not wrong but also on another level, work not written by you is not original either. Perhaps colleges can ease up on the course work given to the students and encourage quality instead of quantity.