Academic Writing – Tricky Business or Not?

Tackling Academic Writing

Defining academic writing is pretty simple. Any writing that is written for an academic or scholarly purpose is known as academic writing. It strictly follows some rules related to ethical issues, formatting and the use of language. Academic writing is meant to be original and wherever an outside source is used, you must reference or credit the author of that work. Most institutions follow some rules about academic writing known as formatting which vary from institution to institution.

There are certain rules attached to this kind of writing. Some of them include being precise, clear and concise. This means that your writing must directly address the issue stated, your views on it using language that is easily comprehensible and using as little words as possible. It is important to keep your readers engaged hence whatever topic you discuss, relate it to real world problems and examples. Also, it is important to keep the academic integrity of your work intact.

There are certain things that you must not do while writing academically. Avoid using terms that are different for the layman to understand. You must also begin mapping out the work on paper first before you decide to type it out, as it brings clarity. It is always useful to have initial and final drafts and ample time to work, as this also brings clarity in thought, ideas and consequently polishes your work to a good extent. Make sure that the work you write is connected within paragraphs and isn’t too disconnected.

Polishing Ideas

It can be very nerve wracking and anxiety inducing for college students to submit their dissertations. This is one of the major suggestions to students working on dissertations; start working quite early. When you work early, you have more time to gather your themes and ideas. Also it is likely that you will work on multiple drafts of your dissertation. Hence, if you manage to submit earlier, you can get a review from your supervisor and have a shot at improving what you have already done.

Coaching & Editing

There are many professors and academic scholars who offer coaching and editing services. These coaches focus on making your ideas and writing better by not only technically analysing them but also analysing the flow behind the ideas, hence, improving the academic quality of your paper or dissertation. Such professionals understand that students face a lot of nervousness and stress about submitting their dissertations hence, showing it to a coach first helps them gain clarity and confidence.

These professionals recognize that sometimes supervisors and departments are not able to give the right kind of moral support, professional support, advice, encouragement and motivation that students need to head in the right direction and will help them grow in their scholarly pursuits. Hence, these professionals exist in an isolated, objective sense to help students.

Are Writing Companies Providing These Services?

Yes, there are many writing companies that offer academic editing, proofreading and coaching. The aim of such companies to ensure that students can get the right kind of advice where needed and the psychological boost that is otherwise lacking with their professors. Academic proofreading and editing is pretty ethical in terms of integrity and academic quality.

Writing companies hire top notch writers and editors that not only look at your work in a strictly technical and grammatically correct sense but also aim to improve your ideas by adding more flow to them. Although many students fear the ethical repercussions of engaging in such services, but editing only provides clarity to students who are confused and a bit of a tweak where needed.