How to Write a Dissertation

Dissertation- Definition & Importance

There are many forms of academic writing that a typical college student comes across, from response papers to critical analyses to research papers. Perhaps the most terrifying out of all of these forms is the final year written assignment, also known as dissertation or a thesis. A dissertation is a lengthy piece of writing that is to be submitted as your final assignment before graduation and it focuses on an argument in response to a clear thought pattern or a central question. Students are expected to choose the title and area of their research work so a lot of independence is granted and the work is basically done through research and is expected to be written down. A dissertation is unarguably one of the most things in your undergraduate studies.

Steps 1- 4: Writing a Dissertation

Dissertation is a four step process. First, the individual tries to find out his area of interest and the direction that they want to go in. Secondly, the individual carries out the work on his/her own and is generally supervised by a professor or a mentor. Third, in light of the question that you have decided to consider, you gather primary and secondary data, group it and analyse it; research methodology comes in here. At last, you finally bring together all your prior knowledge of theory and practical and apply it to this research, analysing it in a very in-depth form and recording it as your dissertation. You finally reach a conclusion based on your findings. Throughout your dissertation, it is important that you avoid plagiarism and maintain the strictest of ethical standards.

Dissertation: The Structure

Structurally, a dissertation is divided in to chapters that deal with separate parts of the central issue or question. It includes a literature review which a list of all the prior studies that have been conducted in a similar direction and have built a base for you and how you have taken help from them. In these different chapters, you mention the abstract which is a summary of what research is aiming to do. You dedicate chapters to methodology, results and conclusion. Towards the end, you mention your bibliography.

Dissertation: A Menace?

We all know how fast paced and busy our lives are now. There are practically no people these who don’t hold a steady job or two to manage their living, especially once we foray in to the student sector. Research shows that grad school is so expensive that nobody expects an individual these days to completely fund and rightly so. In this busy schedule, if you are a working and studying mom, there is the question of seeking dissertation writing help and the ethical dilemmas that are attached to it. Although academic and ethical integrity are the two most important things that a university can teach us, personal circumstances vary from individual to individual and we cannot hold circumstance against them.

In many circles, if you have decided your line of questioning and research yourself, successfully narrowed down a topic, conducted the research yourself, then there is no harm in seeking help from dissertation writing services; small companies that write your dissertations for you by charging a nominal fee. Since the idea is your own and technically so is the work, there is no ethical blame in having somebody else write it. This is the cause of concern many times. For example, there are many foreign students whose ideas and work are brilliant but the language barrier does not allow them to express or write adequately. Do ethical boundaries also apply on them? Most people will agree that they don’t.

Do I ask for help?

In light of the discussion above, it is safe to say that there are some circumstances that fall under a grey area when it comes to integrity and ethical boundaries. For example, a part-time student, a part-time employee and full-time mother cannot be expected to deal with the pressures of academic writing as strictly as a full-time student. A foreign student, with English not being his first language, is automatically at a disadvantage when it comes to the dissertation. Hence, when the entire class does not stand on equal footing, it is okay to seek dissertation help and let someone express your research for you.