Learning at College: A Myth or Reality?

College – An Experience

For most students, the highlight of their educational experience usually is their college years. Through the blood and sweat of it all, people claim that college really allows them to express themselves, discover who they really want to be in life, give them opportunities and a platform to what their lives can lead up to. Through this trajectory though, there is an important part that needs to be discussed. Currently, there too many college graduates and not enough jobs or enough quality work being produced. This brings us to an important issue concerning college students.

College – Learning or Stressing?

College can be a very stressful yet, liberating time for everyone. This is a standard response that you will hear from anyone who has been to college. However, now the problem has escalated to a certain extent; it isn’t just stressful, there is an insane amount of pressure on college students to deliver a lot of written work on tight deadlines and complying with these deadlines is the issue. If you are expected to submit around 6,000 words every week the of course the quality of your work will suffer and you will not perform as well as you could under less stressful conditions.

In such a situation, students are not learning as much as ‘coping’ with college. This becomes a problem later in life when we realize how the quality of education has been traded for the quantity of the work being produced. Of course this poses a problem when it comes to building economies and other stable professions as we have raised individuals who will work without thinking or applying any practical learning.

Giving Up or Coping

There are two routes that college students can then take; they either completely give up on studying or they manage to cope with the work and learn to just ‘get by’. In this process we lose many precious minds that could have been cultivated in less stressful situations. In institutions that allow only the most intelligent batches of high school graduates, there is a higher rate of using professional writing services to get their work done at times when the work load is too much.

The Ethical Question

One of the premises on which academic writing stands is the fact that the integrity of any work is protected. This means that before using any other person’s work, you have to reference it properly and you cannot under any circumstances misquote someone. Some institutions take plagiarism so seriously that the consequences can result in expulsion.

Writing services however, do promise work that is plagiarism free but does the academic community accept this condition? Openly, they don’t. But they also don’t provide a solution to the rising problem of students using writing services. Logically, in a situation where you cannot possibly write so much on a daily basis and cope with all the course work and the only requirement of the paper is to pass the plagiarism check, then you are simply buying a service like any other and it does not violate any ethical code. College essay writing has simply become a matter of producing work that can be passed off as original, nothing more.

Do We Have a Solution?

Unless educational institutions themselves don’t come up with a way of tightening the sanctity of the learning experience, there is no stopping college students from ‘cheating’ or more truthfully, ‘coping’ with the stress of it all. In this scenario then there is no way that professional writing services can be called unethical as they are only performing certain trade like any other business.