Writing For College: Do’s, Don’ts and The Help

Academic Writing – The Do’s

Academic writing is tricky business; you have to learn to be precise, clear, engaging and on top of everything, use formal language. It can be difficult to align all these qualities together in one paper but as they say, practice makes perfect. Moreover, it is said that academic writing is more about practice than talent, anyway.

Do Make It Engaging

It can get a bit difficult to make facts and statistics sound interesting without rendering your entire piece non-serious. What you have to work with is make your writing piece present the facts in a way that readers find easy to read and comprehend; instead of accumulating all figures together, try to write in a way that explains what the figures represent.

Do Write Less

With academic writing, one of the major concerns is that students tend to go off on another tangent. Students also believe that using their vocabulary to the best of their abilities can get the point across and they are wrong on both counts. What really matters in writing is to use the correct and contextual vocabulary and avoid being verbose. Too many unnecessary words cause confusion and look inarticulate.

Do Proofread

It is very important to know that grammatical errors look quite bad on academic writings hence, giving your paper a once over is most necessary. In an otherwise perfect paper, grammatical errors act like dark blemishes and ruin the flow of the writing.

Do Make It Powerful & Stylish

There is no reason why academic writing cannot evoke emotion. In order to grab your reader’s attention, begin your work with a real life problem that serves as a basis for your research. Writing formally does not mean necessarily that you only write seriously. You can use words that give readers an insight in to your personality and passion; make it unique and interesting.

The Don’ts

Don’t Write From A to Z

Some writing techniques have been used too much and they no longer serve the purpose they were originally meant to. One of these techniques is writing from beginning to end; avoid this method. Begin with the portions you are familiar with and the rest will follow.

Don’t Avoid Paper

Most of us are too used to using computer screens and keyboards to write however, using paper and pen really helps you gather your thoughts better. Hence, the initial stuff should be written on paper, not on your computer.

Don’t Use Jargon

It can be easy to learn a particular jargon and then use it in your writing. However, the purpose of academic writing is to be clear and comprehensible so before using technical jargon, remember your target audience.

Don’t Create Disconnect

Always try to create a flow between the paragraphs that you write. Don’t write in a way that every paragraph appears to be a separate entity from the other.

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