Writing Services Industry: Battling With Ethics & Integrity

Most of us are only too familiar with writing companies these days that offer their services to college students and business executives. They offer to write papers, dissertations, articles, assignments and ensure that the work will be 100 percent original and plagiarism free. In the scholarly world, plagiarism is as good a sin as murder and the repercussions are as extreme as expulsion from the institution. The question arises when we ask is this industry to be treated like any other trading or business industry or do we call it out on its ethical issues? The issue itself is very sensitive and both sides present convincing arguments.

Who Uses Academic Writing Services?

Other than students who cannot cope with the pressure of their college workload, there are professional business executives who hire writing services or ‘ghost-writers’ to write for them journal articles and such things. It is a common misconception that only foreign students or part time students use academic writing companies to buy original assignments; regular students use these services just as much and this is because of the extra pressure there is on them to pass all courses. Written assignments are the crux of almost every degree now and most professors expect at least 6 page essays from the entire class every week.

If everybody uses these services just like any other service they would pay for, how does writing fall under the illegal category? Most professors argue that this is because using any other person’s work, be it original or not, is unethical. The dilemma here of course, is dealing with the coursework on time. How can professors expect top quality work if they assign their students too much work to deal with?

Who is Their Top Clientele?

Writing companies have gone on record any times and given us more insight in to who uses their services and what the trends are. According to them, foreign students and local students both use writing services to buy essays because expression in English isn’t the only problem; the increasing course load is another problem that students are finding difficult to deal with. Again, not surprisingly and also surprisingly so, most of their clientele includes students from prestigious institutions who have an insane amount of work to complete on a daily basis. The competition is such that no one can afford a bad grade and hence they indulge in buying these services.

What Do Ethics Dictate?

This is a slippery slope as most of us cannot pass a clear cut judgment on whether purchasing these services is entirely ethical or not. While professors have admitted to using anti-plagiarism tools to detect what essays are not original, this does not mean that writing companies provide plagiarized essays. This is why writing companies are so popular in this day and age. Getting professional academic writing services means that you explain your topic and preference and sometimes even provide an outline for the kind of work you want. In a manner, it is not unethical since the work is original but it is not written by you, which makes it a difficult topic to pursue.

The Solution

Perhaps college professors and institutions need to look at this matter differently. Ethically, if the work does not violate any plagiarism code then it isn’t unethical or problematic. But professors claim that any work not written by the student can be considered illegal. Nothing will stop college students from cheating especially with the kind of work load they face. Instead of passing strict laws, maybe institutes could reconsider their workload and instead of promoting assignment writing, they could focus on engaging students creatively.