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At 1stclasspapers we always stress on the idea that students must know what exactly custom writing service is and why do they need to acquire this service. We have come across situations where the customers contact us and inform us that they purchased an essay, assignment or a dissertation that was readily available for download i.e. prewritten work and when they went to submit it they were found guilty of submitting plagiarised piece of work. We strictly discourage this approach and would never advise someone to go for pre-written assignments, essays, thesis and dissertations and only prefer custom writing services. The reason behind that is pretty straightforward i.e. pre-written essays and assignments are unreliable as they are sold and reproduced so many times that the chances of being caught while your work is submitted to Turnitin is very high. Those prewritten essays are in a very poor state also when you look at the level of English language that has been used as most of the time one essay is submitted to software like ‘Spinner Chief’ which tweaks some of the words by synonymising them and the end result is vague or senseless sentences and a confused flow of text. While in custom writing services the paper is totally written from the scratch in line with the topic and guidelines provided by the student. This makes it very clear for the student to understand what has been written before submitting his/her work to the institution.

Same is the case with custom thesis writing services, i.e. if you are considering buying a thesis due to lack of time and other engagements then would strongly recommend that please do not go for pre-written thesis as they may not cover all the learning outcomes that your tutor is expecting from you to produce. In such cases the results are pretty much obvious i.e. the student may fail the module or may even be penalised as his/her work can be plagiarised. When it comes to custom thesis writing services then we strongly recommend that you should not at all worry about the cost and must not put your academic career at stake by download a prewritten thesis. We are sure that you are aware of the important role that a good thesis may play in compensating your overall grade by recovering for those subjects in which you may have underperformed. Good marks in thesis will definitely cover those gaps and will enable you to earn excellent grades. At 1stclasspapers our team is committed to provide you with high standard services that are hard to find at times especially when the deadlines are short and the pressure is building up on your mind. We therefore would confidently invite you to try our state of the art custom thesis writing services and we are sure that you will love our quality academic and assignment writing services.